3-9-2010 - I just added a wind generator FAQ page to answer some of the most frequent questions people ask me about my wind generator project. Hope you find it helpful!

2-8-2008 - I've started updating and archiving my music through my music page. This page will quickly grow to showcase everything I have ever done musically.

8-20-2007 - After a bad experience while on vacation in Colorado, I've launched a new website to help people get the word out about good and bad auto mechanics. It's a pretty helpful site with a search feature, maps, contact information, and reviews of mechanics throughout the U.S. It has taken me a couple of months to get this ready for launch, so I hope it will help someone. Check it out at RateYourMechanics.com

6-5-2007 - I have finally finished my wind generator. Check out my full write-up on it here.